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Ellie Goulding Alt-J Cover (Song of the week!)

28 May

This past issue we featured a blogger who talked about her experience taking her young son to an Alt-J show in New York City. Ever since featuring the article, I have been OBSESSED with Alt-J. Literally it’s just been on repeat.

An interesting choice for Ellie Goulding to cover but it is down right sexy. The sax breakdown mid song has landed this our song of the week. Image

Underground… good? Absolutely!

10 Feb

The other day we saw a retweet of this:

“Underground is underground because it sucks.”iheartindiemusic

Obviously, they are not a subscriber to Unsung Mag. I’m guessing their thinking is that if a band were good then they would be popular. Hmm, seems logical. And very narrow minded.

I think as co-owners and best friends, Kamryn and I have this unbreakable bond with underground music. We say it all the time: it’s intimate and close. The musicians care about the fans and the fans worship the musicians. It’s more of a friendship and its fun, and I think for an underground artist with a large(ish) fan base, it’s rewarding.

Underground is underground because it’s under appreciated, not because it sucks. I think we could shoot off a ton of popular musicians who really don’t have any talent. (cough, Nikki Minaj, cough, cough)

We get it, it’s all about perception, but if you go your whole life thinking that undeground music sucks… Well, then, you are missing out! We love this lifestyle and we wouldn’t ever trade it for Hollywood, over-remixed beats.

Keep Rockin’

Kara- Unsung Mag.


Put the Rumors to Rest

4 Feb

So, it’s official!

Fall Out Boy is back together.

There was a lot of anticipation about it. We heard they were then they weren’t then they were again. We’re glad the rumors are finally put to rest.

It seems like some people are super excited about it, others aren’t. I can honestly say, this reunion will be like reliving my early teen years. All I listened to when I was 14 was FOB. I was obsessed. I think I even remember wearing this wrist band that said Fall Out Boy on it. I was so crazy for them. But in a cool, ‘I wear lots of eyeliner’ kind of way.

From the sound of the first single, it seems like they aren’t straying from their sound too much, which is good. Patrick Stump took a totally different path after the band broke up. His music is more soul and so different from FOB, but it’s good. When the rumors first surfaced, I was worried, but now listening to it, I definitely think it’s going to be an awesome album.

Check it out.

Issue No. 2 READY!

1 Feb

Hey Fans!

Issue No. 2 is up and ready! Find it here on iTunes iPad Newsstand!

Here are a few screen shots to tantalize you!

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Unsung Mag

Issue Nor.010Issue No.001

Issue Nom.007

29 Jan

We are so excited here in the Unsung office! Thanks for this share!

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Unsung Mag

Refined Geekery

Holy Nostalgia Batman!

Blur! Stone Roses! New Order! Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds! Lou F’n Reed! The list of headliners of this year’s Coachella reads as if we were living in another age. In all, this year’s lineup is an eclectic mix with modern hipster idols and the musical gods of decades past. This all sounds pretty awesome. Here is the break down of artists per day for both weekends:

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Issue No. 2 Coming Soon!

29 Jan

Check out this next issue on the Apple Newsstand coming out in the next couple of days! The issue includes and exclusive interview with the band Calling Home. And advice about how to get through a Band Breakup. Plus more Bands: Falldown and The Devil Whale.

Keep Rokin’

Unsung Mag
Issue No. 2.001

That’s Right, The Rumors Are True

22 Jan

Oh yes you can be excited now. May 7th is that day!

Check it out:

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 1.08.40 PM


Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 1.08.45 PM