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We know you know… where the music is!

14 May

We love stories that start off, “So I found this band…”

We want to know how you discover music! Through a blog? On the radio? Your super hipster musician neighbor you happen to catch in the elevator every so often? 

We love opener bands at shows. They’re similar enough to the band you’re there to see but just different enough to catch your attention. (Plus, they’re usually the life of the party!) One time we found ourselves sitting behind the merch table with a band we didn’t even know. Everybody thought we were the girlfriends. Super entertaining and they were a really awesome band! 

What’s your unusual music discovery story?!

We have this friend…

27 Mar

And his name is Kevin Healey. He has literally done everything in the music business and has given us so much advice as we embarked on the adventure that has become Unsung Mag.

He recently released this song and we love love it!

The Neighbourhood- “Let it Go” (Ghost loft Remix)

11 Feb

Can you say new obsession?! 

Oh and they’ll be at Coachella.

Their music is good, and this remix is an amazing fit, not overdone. Classy yet energizing.


Put the Rumors to Rest

4 Feb

So, it’s official!

Fall Out Boy is back together.

There was a lot of anticipation about it. We heard they were then they weren’t then they were again. We’re glad the rumors are finally put to rest.

It seems like some people are super excited about it, others aren’t. I can honestly say, this reunion will be like reliving my early teen years. All I listened to when I was 14 was FOB. I was obsessed. I think I even remember wearing this wrist band that said Fall Out Boy on it. I was so crazy for them. But in a cool, ‘I wear lots of eyeliner’ kind of way.

From the sound of the first single, it seems like they aren’t straying from their sound too much, which is good. Patrick Stump took a totally different path after the band broke up. His music is more soul and so different from FOB, but it’s good. When the rumors first surfaced, I was worried, but now listening to it, I definitely think it’s going to be an awesome album.

Check it out.