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Ellie Goulding Alt-J Cover (Song of the week!)

28 May

This past issue we featured a blogger who talked about her experience taking her young son to an Alt-J show in New York City. Ever since featuring the article, I have been OBSESSED with Alt-J. Literally it’s just been on repeat.

An interesting choice for Ellie Goulding to cover but it is down right sexy. The sax breakdown mid song has landed this our song of the week. Image

We know you know… where the music is!

14 May

We love stories that start off, “So I found this band…”

We want to know how you discover music! Through a blog? On the radio? Your super hipster musician neighbor you happen to catch in the elevator every so often? 

We love opener bands at shows. They’re similar enough to the band you’re there to see but just different enough to catch your attention. (Plus, they’re usually the life of the party!) One time we found ourselves sitting behind the merch table with a band we didn’t even know. Everybody thought we were the girlfriends. Super entertaining and they were a really awesome band! 

What’s your unusual music discovery story?!

We have this friend…

27 Mar

And his name is Kevin Healey. He has literally done everything in the music business and has given us so much advice as we embarked on the adventure that has become Unsung Mag.

He recently released this song and we love love it!


Something a little dreamy for Valentine’s Day

14 Feb

Mikky Ekko is getting a lot of recognition working with Rihanna recently… but honestly, it’s this song that put him on the map for us.

He’s like John Mayer meets Johnny Depp. Kind of mysterious and super sexy and a killer voice.

You’re welcome 😉

Breaking: Fall Out Boy to release album early

14 Feb

Fall Out Boy has just confirmed the release of their album will be earlier than anticipated.

“Save Rock and Roll” will be available worldwide April 15th and 16th.

The album is available for pre-order now.

Fall Out Boy.

SXSW Interactive Venues for 2013: Know What Happens Where

13 Feb

SXSW Interactive Venues for 2013: Know What Happens Where | SXSW 2013.

Checking out SXSW this year?

Can’t believe it’s only like a month away!


Music Monday: “Hey Daisy”- Mike Clark

12 Feb

Could a guy get more talented? Seriously!

The only bad thing about this? Not available for download anywhere! Bummer.

Check out his bands:
The Haunted Windchimes
Sugar Sounds

Video by Kevin Ihle.