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We have this friend…

27 Mar

And his name is Kevin Healey. He has literally done everything in the music business and has given us so much advice as we embarked on the adventure that has become Unsung Mag.

He recently released this song and we love love it!


Music Monday: “Hey Daisy”- Mike Clark

12 Feb

Could a guy get more talented? Seriously!

The only bad thing about this? Not available for download anywhere! Bummer.

Check out his bands:
The Haunted Windchimes
Sugar Sounds

Video by Kevin Ihle.

The Neighbourhood- “Let it Go” (Ghost loft Remix)

11 Feb

Can you say new obsession?! 

Oh and they’ll be at Coachella.

Their music is good, and this remix is an amazing fit, not overdone. Classy yet energizing.

Underground… good? Absolutely!

10 Feb

The other day we saw a retweet of this:

“Underground is underground because it sucks.”iheartindiemusic

Obviously, they are not a subscriber to Unsung Mag. I’m guessing their thinking is that if a band were good then they would be popular. Hmm, seems logical. And very narrow minded.

I think as co-owners and best friends, Kamryn and I have this unbreakable bond with underground music. We say it all the time: it’s intimate and close. The musicians care about the fans and the fans worship the musicians. It’s more of a friendship and its fun, and I think for an underground artist with a large(ish) fan base, it’s rewarding.

Underground is underground because it’s under appreciated, not because it sucks. I think we could shoot off a ton of popular musicians who really don’t have any talent. (cough, Nikki Minaj, cough, cough)

We get it, it’s all about perception, but if you go your whole life thinking that undeground music sucks… Well, then, you are missing out! We love this lifestyle and we wouldn’t ever trade it for Hollywood, over-remixed beats.

Keep Rockin’

Kara- Unsung Mag.

29 Jan

We are so excited here in the Unsung office! Thanks for this share!

Keep Rockin’
Unsung Mag

Refined Geekery

Holy Nostalgia Batman!

Blur! Stone Roses! New Order! Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds! Lou F’n Reed! The list of headliners of this year’s Coachella reads as if we were living in another age. In all, this year’s lineup is an eclectic mix with modern hipster idols and the musical gods of decades past. This all sounds pretty awesome. Here is the break down of artists per day for both weekends:

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French Kissing to French Music…OOH La La

22 Jan

french-cafe-flappersThis is fabulous! This fits in with Carla Bruni’s Quelqun’un Ma’a Dit.

Love it. Just love it

flying with anna

Something lovely for you on your Sunday afternoon. 18-year-old 9Mary, a previous New Treat on this blog, has recently released a little digital EP consisting of 4 very lovely songs all sung in French. The last track, a cover of ‘L’amour est bleu’ is particularly special.

Hope you enjoy!

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Sunday Afternoon Playlist

22 Jan

Lookin’ for a chill playlist? Well…here you go!


Be sure to check them out!

Featuring: The Bowerbirds