Policies and Procedures

To contribute to the magazine email us at:


Informations you Provide to Us: 

Personal Information: We may ask you to provide personal information such as name, hometown, gender, and age on the premise that it will be published as content with consent. Provided information shall be considered as consent.  Required personal information for sweepstakes, contests or promotions will be used for contact use.

Content: Any content sent to Unsung may be used. Unsung reserves the right to change, change, or edit any of the content.

Third Party Content: There may be content that is not owned or created by Unsung. Content may include but is not limited to audio, photos, articles, artwork, and interviews. Content is only for personal use and should never be reproduced for any other intent.

 Sweepstakes, Contests and Promotions: We may offer sweepstakes, contests or promotions that will be featured through Unsung. All contest rules must be followed. Personal information may be required.

Disclaimer: Unsung reserves the right to change policies and procedures at any time without notice to subscribers. Changes will be effective upon the published update. We also reserve the right to restrict users who provide inappropriate information, corrupt the website through “hacking” and violate the website privileges. Unsung is not liable for any damage of any kind.

Affiliations: Unsung is in affiliation and under management with Luminous Production and Publishing. The team put together by this company is subject to change and is in position to distribute any and all incentives to contributors or contests.

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