19 Feb

Something a little dreamy for Valentine’s Day

14 Feb

Mikky Ekko is getting a lot of recognition working with Rihanna recently… but honestly, it’s this song that put him on the map for us.

He’s like John Mayer meets Johnny Depp. Kind of mysterious and super sexy and a killer voice.

You’re welcome 😉

14 Feb

So… this is perfect!

Let's Blow this Joint

I’ve been looking at these love song playlists for years now. There are some pretty okay songs amongst these lists, but in general it’s the same repertoire of “The Smiths” ballads, of course a Brighteyes song or equally somber sounding male whiner, and then there’s that one Ben Folds song that could easily be mistaken for pedophilia at one point. I’d rather listen to the love songs that reflect what I believe true love is, that intensely, beautiful, somewhat silly, and elating feeling. These are the styles of love songs and ballads that I have compiled. Along with trying to find songs that matched my sentiments, I found that I was drawn toward that type of songs that described a sort of nostalgic and comfortable love. That is why some of these songs favor the imagery of home, because calling something home is the ultimate settlement of love. When you find that…

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Breaking: Fall Out Boy to release album early

14 Feb

Fall Out Boy has just confirmed the release of their album will be earlier than anticipated.

“Save Rock and Roll” will be available worldwide April 15th and 16th.

The album is available for pre-order now.

Fall Out Boy.

14 Feb

And Then

Claire Morrison is going on a solo musical adventure but not without help and friends.

She has had a big year so far, including playing to a sold-out show at the Winnipeg Free Press Cafe during Big Fun Festival.

She will be releasing her first solo debut EP “Here’s to you, here’s to me”, in April. And she will playing opening night at the Cluster New Music and Integrated Arts Festival in March.

Listen her beautiful music and to how she feels about the exciting, new changes and upcoming events in her life.

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SXSW Interactive Venues for 2013: Know What Happens Where

13 Feb

SXSW Interactive Venues for 2013: Know What Happens Where | SXSW 2013.

Checking out SXSW this year?

Can’t believe it’s only like a month away!


Music Monday: “Hey Daisy”- Mike Clark

12 Feb

Could a guy get more talented? Seriously!

The only bad thing about this? Not available for download anywhere! Bummer.

Check out his bands:
The Haunted Windchimes
Sugar Sounds

Video by Kevin Ihle.