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Issue No. 2 READY!

1 Feb

Hey Fans!

Issue No. 2 is up and ready! Find it here on iTunes iPad Newsstand!

Here are a few screen shots to tantalize you!

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Issue No. 2 Coming Soon!

29 Jan

Check out this next issue on the Apple Newsstand coming out in the next couple of days! The issue includes and exclusive interview with the band Calling Home. And advice about how to get through a Band Breakup. Plus more Bands: Falldown and The Devil Whale.

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Lessons in Line, Lessons in Life

22 Jan

Lessons in Line, Lessons in Life

By Kara Mason @karanormal
To be featured in Unsung Mag
At first I wasn’t sure I was the best person to write this piece. An introvert writing about the experience of standing in line for a show? I’m not sure there are many people who like watching people as much as I do, but in case you are, here is my go at it.
For most of my life I’ve been more laid back than outgoing and quite frankly it has gotten to the point where I don’t even notice it anymore, but sometimes when I’m with a slightly more sociable group I snap out of my observer state of mind and take mental notes on how to be better at faking amiability.
I was sent to cover a CD release party a couple of weeks ago, unfortunately, even when you have a press pass, you sometimes have to wait an hour in line. Being December in Colorado, it was definitely not sweatshirt weather; another reporter, his wife and I were bundled up, waiting for the doors to open.
While Kevin, the other writer I was with, desperately reached for a cigarette and stepped around the corner, his wife and I were left standing in line with the one man standing in front of us. He was wearing a fedora (complete with a feather) and a Native American-esque leather, fringed jacket. He appeared to be in his mid 60s.
He introduced himself as Allan; he was excited for the show. He also talked non-stop the entire hour we waited in line. When Kevin returned he asked Allan what his story was and so he told us.
The whole chat was nonchalant. Kevin didn’t even think twice before striking up conversation with the man. I probably would have never said anything but I’m glad Kevin did.
We learned he was pretty much the definition of a groupie, though a bit older. He had been to every Grant Sabin and Haunted Windchimes show in the last two weeks, which took place all over the state.
“I don’t have a job, so I just take off,” he said, “I just call my sister and tell her to pick my dogs up and I go.”
The longest he had “taken off” at one time was four months. He didn’t tell anybody where he was going; said he didn’t even know where he was going but he just felt the road calling.
I think at that point we felt our roles were reversed, we twenty-somethings confessed that we wished our lives were that way, we said that the real world was kind of a drag but the bills had to get paid somehow and the 60 year old man with the eccentric sense of style was telling us of his unbounded adventures.
See how it ends in the next issue of Unsung Mag, out on iTunes Newsstand in a couple of weeks!